• APOXI (Competitiveness-Enrepreunership-Innovation, EPAnEK): Robotic Vehicle tο Enhance Fish Farms and Quality Control of Fish: 2020-2023


  • Creation of a Multimodal Biometric Password by using Steganography (ΕΔΒΜ103): 2019 – 2020


  • ENIRISST (Competitiveness-Enterpreunership-Innovation, EPAnEK): Intelligent Research Infrastructure for Shipping, Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics: 2019-2021


  • AMINESS (Cooperation-2011): Analysis of Marine Information for Environmentally Safe Shipping. It aims at the development of a web portal offering access to ship owners, policy makers and the scientific community to be used to a) suggest vessel and environmentally optimal safe route planning, b) deliver real-time alerts for ships and, c) support policy recommendations.



  • ERA-NETS COGNIPLAT (RUS_INNO2017-102): 2019 - 2021, The COGNIPLAT project aims to create and evaluate a novel gaming platform for the enhancement of cognitive functions of the elderly people with Mild Cognitive Impairment.


  • Document Image Layout Analysis (Funded by MEDIA OBSERVER, Jordan): 2017 – 2019


  • SlideWiki (H2020-ICT-2015): 2018–2019 (subcontractor). It aims at creating a large scale accessible learning and teaching platform using educational technology, skill recognition and global collaboration.


  • WIQ-EI (FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES): 2011 - 2015. Today’s information and data pools on the Web focus on the quantity of information rather than its quality; a fact observable through the increasing size of the blogosphere, the number of growing artificially created data, the well established copy & paste syndrome and the lack of semantically enriched data. The research underlying WIQ-EI’s knowledge transfer addresses information quality in terms of determining web quality measures and the development of multi-lingual, automatic methods for estimating those measures.